US Business Development Services

Fee Structure

Streamline your US business startup, including legal and other processes— we can manage all your needs with a single, coordinated program.

We already know the professionals, agencies, corporations, attorneys, and bureaucracies you need. We'll save you not just money, but precious time as well.

Below are the typical fees we charge for our services.

1.5%  of any lease or personal accommodation service;
1.5-3%  of any US export financing that we arrange for you;
3%  of any business or real-estate purchase;
3-4.5%  of any US export contract that we arrange for you, and 0.5-1.0%  of any further contract with the same exporter for the same goods.
4.5-6%  of any capitalization or foreign investment contract we arrange for you;
15-30%  of any US import we arrange, and 1-2% of any further contract with the same importer for the same goods.
0.5%  bank deposit or government bond arrangement fee (one-time fee)
$500  foreign person's life-insurance subscription fee, if desired;
$500  monthly overhead and administration fee.

We usually charge a subscription fee of US$3,000 to $10,000.

You will need at least US$250K in liquid assets to cover initial expenses in starting a business if you wish to gain the right of permanent residence in the US (i.e., get a "green card").

Our fees are separate from those of third-party providers or attorneys, and also separate from legal costs, investment, real estate, or business purchase expenses.


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