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Capitalize Your Foreign Business
With American Money

Through its excellent relations with US investment banks, Expanding Edge is prepared to help you to tap US investment resources for your foreign business expansion needs.

Our banks are seeking to invest, typically, $10M to $100M for 3 to 10 years and to obtain not less than 51% ownership of the invested companies. For example, if a company is worth $10M, the bank would contribute at least $11M, thereby gaining a 51% share of the company after investment.

51% would be the minimum; optimum would typically be a 75% share after investment. Although there may be exceptions, amounts outside the 51% to 75% range are less desirable, and 100% investments are generally excluded, as the banks expect their investment partners to risk their own money in their projects along with them.

Bankers will consider business development and investment plans presented in standard American form, and will send representatives to the investment site for inspection and discussion. Based on their representatives' reports, they will then consider the opportunity you offer for their own portfolios.

Your company must have in all respects a positive reputation; no businesses with criminal or shady backgrounds can be considered.

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