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Notice of Confidentiality
and Disclaimers

Confidentiality of Information

Expanding Edge LLC will hold your personal and corporate information in the strictest confidence. If your interests require it, we will transfer your information only to third-party providers who meet the highest standards of professionalism and confidence.


1. The above notwithstanding, Expanding Edge LLC is not responsible for the violation of the confidentiality of client information by any third party. Our service providers operate under their own confidentiality agreements, for which we are not responsible.

2. Visas and Green Cards are granted solely by the United States government. We therefore expressly makes no representation, and provides no guarantee regarding the outcome of any Visa or Green Card application.

3. No information in this site is an offer of products or services which are not legally authorised. We make no offer to buy or to sell any security or other investment. We present only a legal opportunity to obtain information on business programs, including business immigration programs, which meet all aspects of US law.

4. We are committed to due diligence. Thus we need to be fully appraised of the rationale behind our clients' projects and their modus operandi.

5. The information contained in this or any of our publications is for general purposes only and should not be relied on without appropriate advice regarding your specific circumstances.

6. No responsibility for loss to any person who acts on the material in this publication can be accepted by Expanding Edge LLC or by any of its contractors, subcontractors, or partners, or by other companies referred to herein.

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