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A Secure Future for Your Loved Ones,
and Ready Cash for Your Later Years

Life Insurance, Pension Plans, & Mutual Funds for Foreigners

You need and want to provide a secure future for both yourself and your loved ones.

But saving large sums of money in a reliable Western bank against a possible rainy day in your family's life, or even for your own later years, would deprive you of financial resources that are crucial to the development of your business.

Wouldn't you like a life insurance plan that lets you make yearly payments without being obligated to invest the entire sum all at once, in order to gain full coverage for yourself and your family right away?

With a universal life insurance policy, you can establish your total coverage and annual premium payments at the amounts you desire. Your payments, minus insurerís expenses, then accumulate in a useable fund at a guaranteed annual interest rate. You can even adjust your annual or monthly payment amount from time to time in view of personal circumstances. And you may withdraw up to 90% of the total amount of the fund accumulated at any time, and still remain insured.

Through two of the most reputable and oldest US insurance companies, The AIG Life Companies (US) and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (MONY), Expanding Edge can offer you personalized insurance programs that will provide security for you, your family, and your business partners:

The mutual-funds investment subsidiaries of either of these companies can provide you with vital income from a managed portfolio. You can even establish your mutual-funds investment as a trust account, if you desire.

At your request, Expanding Edge will provide you with more details about the insurance policies, mutual funds, and pension plans that are available to you as a non-US citizen.

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