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US business goals?

Are you considering export or import of goods, services, or technology? Or thinking about purchasing or starting US business operations? We have the background, expertise, and contacts you need!

Establishing US business operations would be a strong investment in your entrepreneurial and professional future. America is socially stable and economically solid, and the US seeks and encourages foreign investment!

However, the laws are complicated, and the bureaucracies that administer them are unfamiliar. Expanding Edge will guide you through all the headaches and red tape, so you can take full advantage of the options and benefits that come with living and doing business in America.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a US entrepreneur or investor:

We tailor our services to your specific financial and personal circumstances:

Expanding Edge can establish the networks you need to take full advantage of market conditions, to help you adjust to standard and tested American business practices, and to keep aware of legal pitfalls and opportunities. Together with our service providers, we will make sure that everything that has to happen for you, does happen— on time, and in a professional manner.

Best wishes for your US business plans!

Expanding Edge LLC

Mark D. Galperin
General Manager

John Burnett
Executive Manager

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