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US Technology is Available for Export!

Interested in exporting appropriate US technologies for development in your country? Expanding Edge can help!

We can find sellers of the technologies you are interested in, represent you in business negotiations, and arrange delivery to your country of factories, education and training, intellectual property (patents, licenses, software, know-how— you name it!

The possibilities are unlimited. We describe below a sample recent opportunity which has come to our attention:

Steel-frame building production facility

A steel-frame panel system is a panelized composite structure of expanded polystyrene bonded to light-gauge galvanized steel frames, which are produced in a single step to provide a lightweight, energy-effiient, load-bearing construction system.

This opportunity involves the development of a factory which will produce steel-frame panel systems for construction developers.

The project manager of the proposed facility is an experienced California steel-frame contractor who offers a full range of professional services including site development, architectural services, engineering, transportation, program management, and financial arrangement assistance.

There are three such facilities in California, and their productivity is well known; for a facility capable of manufacturing 1 million square feet of residential living space (500 steel-frame homes) per year, projected annual gross revenue is $20M, with business expenses totaling $18M, and profit at $2M.

The owner of this facility must be prepared to allocate funds for the purchase or lease of real estate. The project manager can suggest appropriate areas for this business, including areas of low employment in the state of California, or foreign countries. In California low-employment areas, the workshop area monthly lease price could be as low as $0.50 to $1.00 per square foot for 30,000 square feet.

The business includes 3 office personnel, 6 CAD department personnel, 10 persons in production, and construction crews on demand.

The buyer will need to finance 100% of all aspects of this new development.

Growth potential: Once the buyer has achieved success in developing this facility, he will be able to expand his business to other states and/or countries.

The price for the equipment and training which must be purchased is $1.5 million; this does not include real estate expenses, but does include equipment and machinery for both production and the CAD department; transportation equipment; general office equipment and furniture; and a 2-month reserve of production supplies and materials.

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