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Green Card Services—
An Overview

The US Congress established two ways for businesspersons to obtain Green Card rights— by long-term investment in, or shorter-term operation of a US business. Congress also made it possible for persons of extraordinary talent to obtain Green Card rights on the basis of their talents.

Expanding Edge offers visa and Green Card support on the basis of these opportunities. We also offer support for business visas such as Treaty Trader or Investor Visas which may be part of a business expansion plan, but which do not lead to a Green Card option. We do not help with employment or non-business visas, however.

In general, immigration and business regulations are complex, and the US business environment can be risky and unfamiliar to foreigners. Thus Green Cards are nearly impossible to obtain without strong assistance and support. That's why you need a non-governmental service agency like Expanding Edge to negotiate the pitfalls and advantages of your legal opportunities. We can dramatically reduce your costs and shorten the time it takes you to get a Green Card. We will make sure that everything that has to happen for you, happens— on time, and in a professional manner.

Your circumstances and goals are distinct, and we will develop your Green Card plan individually. But generally, we will provide or arrange assistance in the following areas, and more:

Visa and immigration programs cover your spouse and all unmarried children 21 years old or younger.

We charge a subscription fee of $3,000 after you obtain your visa or status. Our nonrefundable overhead and service fee is $400 per month while services are ongoing. If you purchase a business, we charge a minimal 3% of the total business purchase price, and 1.5% of any total real-estate lease or purchase, financing, or other service, including personal accommodation services such as a residence or automobile purchase. Our charges are separate from third-party providers' fees, legal costs, and investment or business purchase amounts.

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